INWPGC Elections in July

Elections for our Executive Committee and Board Members at Large will be held at this July meeting.  The positions are for two year terms, and for most positions, one year has been served, and these positions are for your information only and not up for election.  The names in red are to be voted on at the meeting. 

Current (2010-2012) Executive Committee Board:
President            Vicki Egesdal
Vice President and Program Chair            Terri Fortner & Program Chair
Secretary             Holly Norton
Treasurer            Wayne Rounseville
Membership Chair          Yvonne Shulman
Immediate Past Pres.     Ann Price

Board Members-at-Large:          
Betsy Godlewski 
Brenda Hunter
Peter Moyé
Peggy Paullin

New 2 year terms
Board Members-at-Large:          
Cam McGillivray
David LejaMeyer
Eric Stutzman

Our gratitude to the following current Board Members-at-Large who have resigned their positions:
Paul Oleniacz
David Wolf