July 20, 2011 Meeting

Online Community Management
Marketing Planned Giving via Social Media


Allyson Shoshana
* Design Spike Inc. *

Description of the Program: Half of the people in our beautiful world never knew a life without the Internet. Of those, how many do you think are using social media on a daily basis? Yea, we thought so. We’re betting your target market is waiting online to engage in a conversation with you. Social media is here to stay; user engagement is increasing multifold every day. You may not have an online plan of action, but we’re betting your competitor does. 

Allyson will share with us some of their strategies which are a little different from the mainstream. They begin with defining current clients, then target similar people in online communities. They then find and engage them. As customers reveal their “personality type,” they tailor conversations to gain maximum involvement. Their strategy also continues to look for fans, supporters, evangelists, advocates – call them what you like—who will not only spread the word about the business, but will shout it out!

Beyond action, monitoring, measuring, and adjusting, measuring results is important to calculate a return on investment.  The bottom line is maximizing your social network.  The end result will be building trust in your online brand. Brand loyalty. Brand Buzz. 

Plan to join us for a very informative meeting.  Feel free to invite your boss, coworkers, and anyone who wants to learn more about life in our social media world. 

  Allyson Shoshana, a graduate of the University of Texas at San Antonio, has been working in the tech and marketing fields for the last twenty years. As an early adopter of social media for communication and marketing, she has and continues to learn much about social media and branding. She helps brands, organizations and individuals extend customer care programs and marketing programs to web based communities. She also serves as project manager assisting in the development of websites, strategic planning, social media monitoring and measurement.