November 16, 2011 INDC Joint Meeting

Positioning Your Organization to be Sustainable


 John Ferrone

John Ferrone is a management consultant with more than fifteen years of experience in helping businesses, organizations and their leaders seize opportunities and overcome challenges. He earned his BA in English and Secondary Education from Creighton University, and both his Masters in English and Masters of Business Administration from Iowa State University. He specializes in assisting organizations to address the tough questions that require answers, and in doing so he helps them achieve focus and build momentum. He combines high energy and an intuitive sense for hidden roadblocks to become the catalyst that helps leaders and organizations define their vision, plan to reach it, and ultimately achieve their potential. Learn more about John on his website He currently lives in Hastings, NE with his wife and four children and they are actively seeking to relocate to the Northwest.


Description of the Program:   John Ferrone will be presenting his Elements of Organizational Effectiveness (EOE) Model, which was designed by Ferrone Associates to serve as a “roadmap” to achieving tangible progress and measurable outcomes in our daily work as fundraisers and members of nonprofits.


We hope you’ll plan to attend. 


Great opportunity for networking with our INDC colleagues.