Legacy Giving – presented by Alan Pratt of Pratt Legacy Advisors

Wednesday, September 16

11:30 AM-1:00 PM

Museum of Arts & Culture

This presentation is designed for the benefit of Not-for-Profit Leadership, for the purposes of developing deeper life-long relationships with their key donors.

  • What are the key characteristics of a Donor-Centered Conversation?
  • Understand the content and importance of the Philanthropic Conversation.
    • What is it?
    • What it is not!
  • What is F.E.A.R. and how is it affecting your donor’s daily living?
  • Understand where all gifts come from?
  • How can you be a P.P.E. (Professional Purveyor of Encouragement) in all conversations with people whom you care about? How do P.P.E. skills reduce fear and increase generosity?
  • Understand the four key principles of Legacy Planning.
  • Participate in a Values Exercise and learn how to use this in your life.
  • Understand the importance of “life experiences” on one’s decision making and use the Life Experiences Worksheet.

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Legacy Stories

You will see and hear the stories of three families, all of whom engaged in Legacy Planning From the Heart™. In all three cases their generosity expanded tremendously, as they are now living their life to the fullest. Financial outcomes to the family and their chosen charities are magnificent.

If you want to learn how to guide your donors to new levels of generosity and fulfillment, you don’t want to miss this workshop! Learn from an industry expert and implement these principles in your donor cultivation program right away.



11:30 – Lunch and networking

11:50 – Business meeting

Noon – Presentation

1:00 – Adjourn

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About the Presenter:

Alan Pratt, CEP, CAP is a family legacy advisor specializing in philanthropy and family wealth preservation. He brings a unique blend of personal experience and technical knowledge to the estate planning process. Alan helps families understand, in plain English, their options for preserving wealth in a way that honors their underlying values. Alan’s company, Pratt Legacy Advisors practices a unique form of estate planning that goes far beyond strategic wealth distribution. Alan believes that a meaningful estate plan comes from knowing your values, living your values, and planning from your values. His firm has created Legacy Planning from the Heart™, a process to help you integrate your life experiences with your estate plan, while maintaining ongoing communication within your family. He holds trust, listening, and life-long relationships as core values in everything he undertakes and shares from his own personal experiences.